Foggy Nights: A Narrative Photo Diary

Foggy Nights: A Narrative Photo Diary

Hi loves!

Monday night, my neighborhood experienced a cable and Internet outage. Seeing that I cannot last three minutes without Internet access, I packed my things and embarked on a journey to Starbucks. One grande steamed lemonade later, here we are with some eerily enchanting photos!

I actually quite enjoyed the change of environment for my study session. It was a nice change and working in such a beautiful, cozy space gave my mood a boost!

By the way…that steamed lemonade was a total game-changer. I love my chai lattes, but this tangy citrus drink was heaven on Earth.

I felt so oddly free walking through the dark, foggy streets on the way to my car. Something about the fresh, cool air just made me feel very alive.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short little narrative photo blog!

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks? Let me know in the comments! <3



Images: Canon Rebel T5. © 2017 Grace Carter/ All rights reserved.

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