Personal Growth and Changing your Mind

Personal Growth and Changing your Mind

Happy Thursday!

Since I am well into my senior year, I have done a lot of reflecting on who I used to be. When I was in middle school, I expected completely different things of my seventeen-year-old self. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and I had it all planned out.

I am beginning to realize that my life is nothing like what I expected at the beginning of high school. The best part is…it is better than what I thought. I used to think that changing your mind about what you wanted in life made you a hypocrite, but that is not the case. For example, I used to want to be a doctor; now I am accepted into a fashion merchandising program. Big difference. There are so many aspects of my life that I thought I had predicted but turned out to be unexpected. And now…that’s life. You can’t make all your plans. Plans fall through. There will be arguments and drama, and there will be new beginnings and excitement. No one plans for those things, but they happen.

I guess what I am realizing is that telling myself I couldn’t change my mind about anything wasn’t healthy. Of course your opinions change when you get older! It makes perfect sense. You have to take into account what the circumstances are now, not what you would have wanted last month, or last year, or ten years ago.

Being receptive to change is part of allowing personal growth. You will change as your life goes on, and as long as you’re open to that, nothing is standing in your way.

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