Why I Started My Blog!

Why I Started My Blog!

Hi loves!

It’s no secret that I love blogging. This hobby makes me feel so inspired and happy, and it has changed my life for the better. I live with more intention; I approach my day with a “Can I blog about this?” attitude. It gives me a purpose, I’ve made friends, and it has changed the way I view the world.

I have been blogging since April 2017. After months of planning, photographing, writing, and editing blog posts, I am taking a moment to remember why I started.

I want Heavenlee Penny’s to be a place where readers can come to find inspiration and happiness. I want my blog posts to make someone smile. I want to share my experiences and ideas with the world.

I never set numerical goals; I never had any intention of generating revenue; I created Heavenlee Penny’s purely because I have a passion for writing and communicating with others.

Because I created my website for the right reasons, every small victory is a monumental success in my eyes. Every like; every comment; every email. Those moments mean everything to me.

Thank you for stopping by and scrolling through my posts. The blogging community is so supportive. While I had my own reasons for starting blogging, my readers are why I continue. I love you guys!

If you’re a blogger and you’d like to share your story of why you created your blog, leave a comment! I would love to read your story. 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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