High School Advice from a Second-Semester Senior

High School Advice from a Second-Semester Senior

Hello, my dears!

So far this winter break, I’ve been reminded by countless friends and relatives that I am, in fact, graduating in six short months. And I keep thinking, wow, that happened fast.

I’ve written so many high school advice posts, but I wanted to update you with my advice as I’m nearing the end. Pretty soon, I won’t be a high school kid giving high school advice- I’ll be a college kid giving high school advice, and that’s just not the same.

So, here are some things I would tell my past self:

  1. Put yourself out there: It’s important to remember that your friends won’t always come to you. If you want a lit social life, you have to advocate for yourself and ask your friends when they’re free. Don’t be afraid to ask new people to hang out!
  2. Do what you love: I was afraid to start my blog because I didn’t want other kids to tease me about it. That was a really stupid reason not to do what I love most. In order to have success, you need to do what you love without worrying what others will think.
  3. Smile a lot: I’m shocked by the amount of people who tell me they were afraid to approach me at first because of my resting bitch face. But, in reality, if you’re a happy-looking person, people will be more attracted toward you, so if the time is right, smile! It won’t hurt you…promise.
  4. Keep trying: Believe me, I know how easy it is to slack off senior year. But there’s no reason to quit altogether. Okay, fine, throw a couple of assignments here and there, you’ve earned it. But to stop doing your work and just not care anymore is unacceptable, no matter how long you’ve been in high school.
  5. Enjoy every minute: So many soccer games, car rides, eating pizza around the TV times with my friends that I took for granted. Cherish that. You never realize once it’s over that it was the last time.

That’s my advice as of late, you guys. And I can’t wait to write all about high school in the six months I have before it’s gone.

Class of 2018: we’re almost there, but don’t let this time slip through your fingers.



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