The Best Yoga Poses for College Students!

The Best Yoga Poses for College Students!

Hello, collegiates!

I’ve been hearing a lot of my fellow students complaining about burnout and wanting some healthy movement at this point in the semester. You might be feeling a little slumped, and spending hours on end at the computer could be taking a toll! I’m going to show you a few yoga poses that have all the magic juice to get you back to 100% (and that you can do in your dorm room!)

Shoulder Rolls:

My PT used to tell me I had “student neck.” You guessed it- it’s the result of hunching over your homework all day! Don’t worry, there’s a remedy. Roll your shoulders forward and backward, pressing your shoulder blades down and back. You can even hold your shoulder blades back and imagine you’re pinching a pencil between them. This move will help release tension in the upper back.


Pressing shoulders forward


Pulling shoulders back

Chin Tucks:

Most people have a tendency to reach their chin forward, and to counter this, tucking the chin gives a stretch to the back of the neck and resets the cervical spine. Imagine you’re making your spine nice and long as you tuck your chin toward your chest, like you’re trying to look down toward the floor. Only go as far as you feel comfortable. Less is more. Remember to breathe!


At ease


Chin tuck

Tree Pose:

Feeling unbalanced and ungrounded? I learned in my YTT that balancing poses have more to do with where you’re at mentally than how “balanced” your body is. When you’re feeling unbalanced, check in with your state of mind. Shifting your weight onto one foot, keep your hips squared forward and your chin and heart lifted. Place your foot on the inside of your supporting ankle and slowly lift your arms as far as feels good. If you start to fall, try again! Remember not to rest your foot on your knee area. To help balance, choose a point of focus and think positive!


Child’s Pose:

Child’s pose is a mild inversion that is very comforting and restful. From a hands-and-knees table pose, touch your two big toes and set the knees apart wide. Press your butt back toward your heels and reach your arms in front of you, to your sides, or clasp the fingers behind your back for a shoulder release!


Five-Pointed Star:

Got a big exam or presentation coming up? Research has shown that spreading yourself out makes you feel “bigger” and more powerful. Certain poses can trigger confidence! Starting out standing, walk your feet as wide as your mat, tuck your belly button in toward your spine and keep your tailbone pointed down. Reach your arms forward and out so that you’re opening up through the heart, Sound of Music style! Keep an eye on your low back and avoid arching. Smile! 🙂


I hope you guys liked this post! Let me know if you try any of these poses and if they help you!

Love you all! Pull through these last few weeks. You can do it! 😀




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