STORYTIME: I Scratched My Eye!

STORYTIME: I Scratched My Eye!

What a day I had yesterday…

Thought you all might enjoy a lil storytime. If you don’t want to see pictures of my puffy red eye…yeah, maybe just skip this one.

So on Wednesday, I spent many hours staring at a computer screen, as one does for summer classes, and as a result, my eyes were very dry. So instead of using, I don’t know, EYE DROPS to alleviate the stinging, I just said, “Nah.” And when I went to take my left contact lens out, bam. Pain, just pain. And my poor little eye just hurt so much. So I continued to be the intelligent creature I am and did nothing to help the situation besides take a Zzquil and go to bed.

And the following morning, I wake up at 6:30 AM and my eye immediately starts gushing out tears. So, it did not fix itself overnight. So then I think, “Oh NO.” I start flushing my eye out with water and nothing is helping. So then I need to come up with a plan of action.

But first, coffee. So I sit in my living room and spend probably an hour sipping my coffee and waiting until 8:30 AM when the campus health center opens. So I call and get an appointment set up there. I put on my sweatpants and glasses because I cannot wear contacts at this point. And somehow managed to walk the probably about 3/4 of a mile to the health center with one functioning eye. The funniest part was watching all the new freshmen at orientation react to my appearance. Because I 100% looked like I was crying and now they probably think that’s the reality of college.

So I stumble into the health center to get this eye looked at. And my paperwork is barely legible because I cannot see through my tearing eye. So the doctor looks at my eye and decides to send me to a specialist. And when they ask if I have a car to get myself to the specialist, I say “Yes I have a car but I CANNOT drive like this.” So my wonderful father drove an hour down to Kent from Cleveland to take me and my watery eye to the eye doctor.

At this point, I’ve been in pain for nearly half a day. And I’m also pretty mad because I had to cancel everything I’d had planned for the day to deal with this eye, which I still had no idea what was wrong with.


So my father and I spend two hours at this doctor, mostly waiting. And when this doctor finally comes into the exam room and says “How are you?” and I say “My eye hurts!”, he tells me that I have managed to scratch my eye. So he writes me a prescription for medicated eye drops and tells me not to wear my contacts for TWO WEEKS.


So I talked dad into taking me to Pulp for lunch (and it is 3:30 in the afternoon at this point) and while we were in the drive-thru I had the excellent idea to put eye drops in and ended up poking myself in the eye and making my situation worse again!!

So I finally get my prescription eye drops and spend the rest of my day in my dark apartment like a bat with all the blinds shut.

I wore my glasses today (per doctor’s orders) and actually got a lot of compliments on them: “sharp,” “sophisticated,” “studious,” to name a few. I still miss my contacts.


But the eye does feel better, so we’re on the road to recovery.

The moral of the story is DO NOT EVER SCRATCH YOUR EYE!!! It HURTS!

If you actually read all this nonsense, wow, you a real one.

Gotta go rest my eye!!


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